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    Abandoned Bunker
    As you start the game you will meet Gorge at the first moment, a guy that is looking for your help because he has gone into some kind of a trouble. We know that we should not mess with bad people but George thought that it is necessary and now he has them on his back they are chasing him and who knows what they want from him, and what are they capable of doing. George has found some old bunker and he likes to hide there until the things calm down. He also assumes that there is some hidden treasure in the bunker so that could be payment for his rescue.

    Game Walkthrough: You will be a good friend if you try to help George accomplish his escape. The game includes few levels, each one somehow related to the bunker. The game starts in front of the bunker and continues inside. The game is a combination of hidden object games and spot the difference type of game so it would be interesting for playing. In the hidden object levels you need to look for the objects that are given on the list that is positioned under the picture. At the beginning there are only few items but as you detect them, new objects appear on their place. When it comes about the spot the difference levels, you get two pictures that look almost same but actually there are some differences that appear between those pictures that need to be found. In all levels you have a chance for using hints. There is a hint button under the main picture and it can be used many times, just you need for a while this field to become full because it becomes empty after each use.

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing are very easy. You need your mouse, you observe the whole scene carefully and once you spot some item, point at the item with the mouse and click over it using the left mouse button. Those instructions go for the both types of games, so know that there wont be any problems in this part.


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    Abandoned Bunker

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 127,499
    Published on: 21.10.2013
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