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    Ghost Village
    Probably you haven't seen something like this in real but we have seen it in the movies so we could imagine how the things work. There could be a zombie apocalypse but also ghosts could do a terrible job as well' Something terrible happen in the village where Lea lives' It was wonderful small village. Everyone knew each other and they lived very nice together, helping each other about everything, before the ghosts siege it. Unfortunately, at the moment, Lea is the only one that has survived the siege and she doesn't like to escape from there but she wants to save the village and to get rid of those terrible creatures that have destroyed everything! Father John could also help her so she needs to find him and take his cross, to fight the ghosts. Maybe for you this cross will be the final point but that's when Lea's great mission begins'

    Game Walkthrough: Welcome to the ghost village! If you like to solve the mission, don't get scared from the inhabitants that live there. Take the necessary courage and help Lea finish her job. This interesting game includes 5 challenging levels. Lea's final step is to find Father John's cross but to get there, she needs to pass the levels. As we said, the number of levels is 5 and in every level there are 10 objects that need to be found including one smaller cross in every level. Finding all the objects, together with the crosses, is a condition for moving into the next level and finally for passing the game. The levels are located on the streets of the village and they end with the house of father John. In the house of father John you will find the main cross that will destroy the curse of the village and will release the village from the new inhabitants.

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing this creepy game are not hard at all. In every level you get the list of 10 objects and you need to concentrate to find them as soon as possible. Once you spot some of the items, you point at the item with the mouse cursor and you click over it with the left mouse button, in order to select that item. If you like, you could also play the game with your fingers on the touchpad of the laptop, of course if you think that you could be precise enough in your moves.


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    Ghost Village

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    Published on: 12.11.2013
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    jackfrost (4 years ago):
    mayhee (5 years ago):
    froze up on e couldnt finish the game boohoo
    aahudspeth@gmail.com (7 years ago):
    games will not load for me.
    psleeprice (8 years ago):
    I wish I could play
    idahaynes505 (8 years ago):
    love these kind of games.

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