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    The Magic Potion
    There was some kingdom far, far away from here. You may say kingdom like kingdom, a place ruled by a king and a queen but this kingdom was little bit different from all other kingdoms. You will ask why, what is that that makes this kingdom so special. Well we will answer you right away. There are legends that witness about some magic potion that makes people extra powerful and gives them incredible skills. Someone learnt the recipe for preparing this potion but the ingredients of this magic potion could be found only in this faraway kingdom. Do you think that you are prepared enough to take a tour to this kingdom and look for those magic ingredients?

    Game Walkthrough: The Magic Potion is a great game that will take you to a fantasy land. You will definitely enjoy your stay there because the surrounding is incredible, like nothing you have seen here before. According to that, it is not strange that exactly this place hides the ingredients for making that special potion. During the game you will have to look for those ingredients in 3 challenging levels. We say challenging because in each of those levels there are 16 objects, 16 magic ingredients that need to be found. It may sound as they are too much but you dont have any choice if you like to advance in the game except to find all of them. Actually finding all 16 items in one level is a condition for moving into the next level and if you dont manage that, you will stay stuck in some point of the game and never reach the end. Thats why it is important to concentrate very well and finish your task successfully.

    Game Instructions: The game shares the same instructions for playing as most of the hidden object games on this web site. You get a list of the wanted objects and you start looking for them all over the levels. Once you spot some of the wanted items, you take the mouse and you point at it with the mouse cursor. To select the item, just click on it with the left mouse button and you have it. You do the same procedure for every item until you reach the end of the game and you finish it. You may also play the game on the touchpad of your laptop, if you have one and you like that sort of a game-play. We suggest you to be persistent and discover the incredible properties of this magic potion.


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    The Magic Potion

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 18.11.2013
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    Hard...but fun

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