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    Surprise Symphony
    Franz Joseph Haydnwas anAustrian composer, one of the most productive and most famous composers of theClassical period. He was known as the father of the symphonies because we wrote mainly this genre. Between his works is TheSymphony No. 94inG major, which is the second of the 12 so-calledLondon symphonies. This symphony is mostly known by its nickname, the Surprise Symphony. It is typical about Haydn's music that incorporates many jokes and tricks, and the Surprise Symphony contains perhaps the most famous of all. The whole symphony had soft and gentle flow, and same goes for the second movement. It was written like that, but at the Londonpremiere on March 23, 1792,he added a startlingly loudchord that interrupted the whole mood and this distinctive feature did not appear in the original score. That surprised the audience completely, and this symphony stayed known for this name. And thats a little history of music, we are sure that you are richer now by few interesting facts about the work of Haydn, so lets go back to our game. It is again about a surprise symphony but little bit different

    Game Walkthrough: It was like that in Haydns time but today, appears one buyer that buys the house where Haydn lived and worked. Cleaning and searching through the house, the new owner has found hidden and until now unknown Haydns symphony. Ok, he was in Haydns house but it was still a great surprise to find some of his works, and the piece that he found was actually the famous Surprise Symphony. What a surprise! So the game takes place in the house, and all through the game youll be looking for some hidden objects. actually there are three levels and each level is a different part of the house. You get a list of the wanted objects and you have to find all of them, in order to pass the level, and finally to pass the whole game.

    Game Instructions: Like the most of the hidden object games, this one will be also played by using the mouse. You observe the whole scene and once you spot some of the wanted items, you simply point at it with the mouse cursor and then you click over it in order to select it. You could also play the game with your fingers, tapping on the touchpad of your laptop. Now surprise us, and finish this game as fast as possible.


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    Surprise Symphony

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
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    Published on: 25.11.2013
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    This game has no hints.

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