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    Safe With Me
    One of the biggest fears of every man, even if he wasn't in any relation to it, is that he could be bitten by a snake. Yes, we all know that it is because of that deadly venom that could be really complicated. We have seen numerous documentaries on this topic, and the part that is most scary and terrifying is the time period between the bite and the way to the hospital, or the time needed to get to that antidote... Well something similar has happen to Peter and his fiancee. They went on an adventure trip, and they were hiking on some mountain. The terrain was challenging but very interesting, because it was surrounded by wonderful nature but that nature could be unpredictable sometimes... Suddenly a snake came by and this creature bite Peter's fiancee. That's an emergency situation so Peter took her to the hospital as fast as he could but from the hospital he gets information that they couldn't find antidote for that snake, at this moment. And here's where your adventure actually begins...

    Game Walkthrough: The game starts actually at the hospital where Peter decides that he will find antidote by his own, and he will save his fiancee. It is about a romantic adventure- mystery that includes 5 interesting levels. In each level there are 10 objects that need to be found, and of course, to find the antidote. Finding all of those objects is a condition for finishing a level and finishing the game as well. Peter takes all the responsibility but you have a great responsibility too, because the life of Peter's fiancee depends of you as well. Don't waste our time, and let's start right away.

    Game Instructions: As always, you won't have to worry about the instructions for playing because they are quite easy and clear, but you would need to concentrate more on the action and your observational skills.. In each level you get a list of the wanted objects and you start looking for them in the given picture. Once you spot some of those objects, you point at it with the mouse cursor and then you click on it with the left mouse button, in order to select that item. By finding all items in one level you go into the next level, until you finish the whole game. The game could be also played on a touchpad of a laptop, if you have one and you like to play like this, but in this case you will use your fingers instead of a mouse.


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    Safe With Me

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    Published on: 03.12.2013
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