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    Garden Scapes
    Many people find arranging gardens as a very interesting hobby. They do that mostly because it makes them calm and after that they are really happy and satisfied in the beautiful surroundings. Arranging flower garden is a very interesting thing to do as well. You could play with shapes and colors till you find the combination that seems perfect for you, but and after that, when you feel that you need a change, start it all over, choosing totally different combinations. The options are infinite! Some people decide for a small lake, some like basis of stones, some like sculptures and we have to admit that this is all wonderful, as long as it makes us happy when we spend our free time sitting in the garden.

    Game Walkthrough:Welcome in this great game that is based on arranging a beautiful garden. You have to make the garden look even more beautiful putting some interesting items, but to buy anything, you need a money. You will have to earn the money not by doing some hard work but simply with finding hidden objects in the picture that will appear in front of you. For every found item you get points (read money), put that money in your budget and new items will appear. You have a time of 4 minutes and in that time you should find the all hidden objects. You may pass the level even if you dont earn the maximum but you have found the most items. The fence and the dog houses are not very expensive but you will have to earn a lot of money to place a pond in your garden and even more money, to buy living sculptures. And there is no limit in decorating your garden. After you have bought all this things, continue earning money and putting some new interesting items. Be sure that once youve started this game, you wont leave it till the end because is so addictive and so fun!

    Game Instructions:And now go there and earn some money! Sharp your observing skills as much as you can, and start finding the objects. You will play this game with the mouse so when you find some of the items that are shown in a list, on the left side of the picture, just click them. For that you earn points and there is a particular amount for buying each garden item. This game will be a great time for every hidden object games lover becomes its endless! How do we mean endless? You will see!


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    Garden Scapes

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 10.11.2010
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