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    Beach day hidden numbers
    Hot summer day! You sit on a beautiful beach... getting tan, swimming a little bit, drinking cocktails, oh you enjoy! But after three hours of these activities you get bored! Yeah, you would never thing that you can be bored on a place like this, but, heyYou would rather go and play video games! But your friends want to stay, so there is nothing you can do! Yes, the beach is gorgeous, everybody is happy, the sun is shining...but still you want something else! You find yourself watching the waves, relaxed and sleepy. But, hey it is only afternoon, this is not the time to sleep yet! What would you say about some light activity for your brain? You can even find it amusing as well. So, you can start with your obsession of counting numbers every time you are bored! But this time in a different mode! So go on and check this game!

    Game Walkthrough: Oh, you must like this game! Yes, the beach is wide and beautiful, the water is wonderful, the sky is clear! What a pleasant picture! You can really enjoy this scenery! But now, you can not only enjoy watching it, but also having fun while playing this hidden object game! Your task is to find numbers! Yes, there are numbers all around the beach! At the bottom line are given the numbers you should look for. For every correct click you will get 10 points, and for every wrong one you will lose 10 points. So be careful, and don't click in vain if you want to get high score! And remember, the time is ticking away...so try to find the numbers as quickly as you can! Ok, it is not possible to find them so easily! The picture is very colorful and the numbers are small, so you have to use the zoom to see them! After finishing the first level, you can continue with the next. The number of numbers increases, and it gets even more difficult to find them! You have to be very patient, and open your eyes wide! Games like this improve your watchfulness and attention to detail!

    Game Instructions:You need only your mouse to play this game! So click on the left mouse button when you find the number, and that's it! Well, enjoy in this beautiful picture and have fun!


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    Beach day hidden numbers

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    Published on: 26.01.2011
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    ebony22 (11 years ago):
    I liked this game wish it would have been some more levels.

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