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    The Treasure Bunker
    World War II. A terrible time of world's history, no matter which side you take, because it is a period that took so many human lives, destroyed so many childhoods, as a matter of fact as it is with any other war.
    Our character is also a victim of this war. Thanks god she is alive but her village is completely destroyed, it is attacked by the Allied forces. She doesn't have a clue where her friends and relatives are, but she decides that she has to run away from there, if she likes to stay alive. She leaves the village and looking for a place to hide, she encounters an abandoned German bunker. She was thinking if she should enter there, but it seemed that it was the only solution that could help her survive during the current attack, so she entered that place, without knowing what should expect. She was expecting everything but in none moment she didn't thought that there could be a room with artifacts there. And yes, there was, amazing objects with inestimable value.
    Exploring this location will make her stay in the bunker less stressful, and she could also find numerous interesting objects. Let's join her and see what's going on in this old bunker.


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    The Treasure Bunker

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    Genres: Adventure | Mystery
    Played: 213,983
    Published on: 06.12.2013
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    aimi87 (6 years ago):
    patches48 (6 years ago):
    i finally found the piece that was missing
    patches48 (6 years ago):
    ok it won't click on the last piece and i can't continue,please fix the problem

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