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    Kiss of Eternal Life
    Some people say 'who needs an eternal life?!' Probably it would be boring to live so many years, everything changes, just you are always same and you don't have an aim for living since so many things have passed by you and you know that they will be transient... But on other hand, deep in us, we all would like to live forever, especially because no one has tried that yet, or more precisely no one has managed to do that. Probably that is the real truth that lies behind all those stories about wanting one short life full with achievements instead of long aimless life...

    Stories about eternity are many times related to the vampires since they are the ones that live forever. There was Dracula many years ago, then Edward and Bella, and who knows how many other vampires in between, but we have Victor in our game. It seems that the love is the only thing that moves those vampires and the only thing that justify their existing, so Victor is also looking for his great love. 'Kiss of eternal life' is a scary but at the same time romantic hidden object game consisted of 5 levels and 10 hidden objects in each. Victor decides to come back into his birth village and look for his old love, the girl he met before he became a vampire. He has decided that it is best to find her and turn her in a vampire as well, giving her an eternal life, but also eternal love. Maybe we are used to hear stories where people become vampires by a bite, but here the kiss of eternal life will chance the things for ever. Let's held Victor fulfill his mission.


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    Kiss of Eternal Life

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    Genres: Scary | Romance | Mystery
    Played: 191,770
    Published on: 13.12.2013
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    jackfrost (1 year ago):
    BluAngel (4 years ago):
    Played. 6-2017
    patches48 (6 years ago):
    vampire won't move from the picture can't find the items with him there

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