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    The Last Show
    Every profession has its own duration in a sense that you could work it for some period of time and then you have to get a retirement. Bob is a very famous clown. He has been working as a clown for so many years, starting from his teenage days, and that's a lot of time considering that he is 60 now. He has made laugh numerous people, numerous generations, doing his tricks and inspiring ovations but seems that those days are over. Is not that he is not funny anymore, but he is tired to perform all those stunts, or let's say he is little bit old for that. All that running from one place to another, from one country to another, talking to the people all the time and everything... That was a real piece of cake for Bobo but now it is not like that, he is quite tired...

    Today is the last show of the famous clown. He is feeling little bit sad because he will definitely miss all that, but on other side he is feeling happy because he will take the earned rest. He will have enough time to see his family and to settle on one place, considering that working in a circus does not allow that. Now Bob is in his wardrobe, remembering all the things he has passed, since he was very young, all the people he has met, all the things he has done...

    The game takes place in the circus, in the wardrobe and the places that are important to Bobo. There are five levels and in each one of them, 20 hidden objects that need to be done. Have fun!


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    The Last Show

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    Published on: 17.12.2013
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