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    Elementals The Magic Key
    Imagine finding yourself in a mystical room surrounded with all kind of magic things such as magic fortune-telling ball, magic book and a strange creature called Felly who says that your sister is in trouble. The game puts you in the situation that I mentioned. So, my fried, you have to be smart enough to figure out how you can use all those magic things, just to find your sister and help her get out of the trap that she is into. I have to warn you that finding Lily, your sister, is not going to be an easy task. You will have to learn how to fix the talking-mirror, how to use the fortune-telling ball to predict the events, how to train your army and many more things that you are not able to thing of in your wildest dreams.

    Game Instructions: To play this game, you will have to follow the instructions given in the game. Sometimes you may be given list with items that you must find, sometimes you will be given certain puzzle that you must solve. When you are given list with missing item, you have to search for that certain items, and once you have spot one of those items, click with the left mouse button on it. In case you have to solve a puzzle, you can do that just by using the left mouse button. No matter what kind of task you have, you must think very quickly, make smart decisions and act really fast, because otherwise you may not save Lily. Employ your mind into the game play, and I'm sure you will find Lily and finish the mission with success.


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    Global rating: 3.4/5 from 9 players.

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    Elementals The Magic Key

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    Genres: ForFun
    Played: 104,436
    Published on: 17.03.2011
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    All comments (5)
    patches48 (4 years ago):
    another stupid game
    patches48 (4 years ago):
    won't open
    magdi1 (5 years ago):
    I agree, but how do I exit without finishing?
    psleeprice (5 years ago):
    dumb, really dumb

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