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    Asha Adventures The Magic Globe
    If you have played the first part of this game, and you find it really fun, than here is a second part of the same game for you! You are going to love this one too! Remember part one when Asha wanted to go on a journey? So your task was to help her fulfill her wish. In order to open the door you had a task to solve several puzzles and collect active objects and use them wiswly. So, after Asha has successfully run off her apartment in Asha's Adventures: Part 1, she decides to get on a journey to search for the Magical Globe, an old artifact hidden somewhere in her native place. So your task here will be to help Asha in her journey to find the Magic Globe that will give her the power to travel all around the world within a second!

    Game Walkthrough: Give it a try...it's like solving a mystery..it is very enigmatic, and requires a little thinking! Well my friend, activate your brain cells and be patient! You might won't be able to solve this immediately, but, hey...don't quit right away...You have to open your eyes wide! There are some items that might not be visible at first sight, but anyway, search the whole picture and you won't miss it! Ok...so here are some tips for you...just for the beginning of the game...Get the shovel on the far right tree. Click the tree to the left and take a look at the note (1). Notice that you can draw a red X on the note by clicking on it. Than go left. The place looks similar to map on note (1). Click the far right tree and get a note with a list of four digit numbers. Click the second tree from the left and read the note with the Pythagorean Theorem. Zoom out. Go back to the first scene. Click note (1) again. From the Pythagorean Theorem note, if Tree D is A, Tree T is B and Tree K is C, DTK form a triangle, and X is located at the intersection of the two perpendicular lines DK and TX, so X is located to the right of Tree D. Click to the right of Tree D to draw a red cross. Zoom out and then go left. Use shovel to dig a hole to the right of the far left tree (Tree D). You will reveal a box. Click on it. A code is required to open it. Click the note in your inventory with the four digit numbers .... Well, enough...but this is only the beginning! There are many other things to do, but I'm not going to tell you everything, because the game won't be so interesting for you! So after you get here, continue by yourself!

    Game Instructions: To play this game you need to use your mouse and your keyboard! Use your mouse to walk around the city and interact with your environment. Collect items and use them wisely! You should go through the whole game screen and see when the mouse cursor i.e. the arrow turns into a hand! So when you see this little hand it means that there is an item you have to collect! This thing, the item, you will be able to use later! You must follow some signs! Well, this game is a little bit tricky and there are many, many things to do to finish the task! So be careful and clever! Good luck!


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    Asha Adventures The Magic Globe

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    Published on: 23.03.2011
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    bobby1 (5 years ago):
    this game is  crap they should put a nice game here this is just wasting good space what a shame
    bobby1 (5 years ago):
    i agree its taking up space where a good game could be
    patches48 (6 years ago):
    very stupid game

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