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    Having a diary when you mark all the thing that has happen during your life its a very interesting thing. Usually this is an activity that is done by teenagers, they write about their sympathies there, but it is recommendable for grownups as well because it is a very nice way to organize your thoughts and your life as well.

    Game Walkthrough: You have 10 minutes to find all the objects that are hidden in the picture. That gives you points while on other hand, every mistake makes you lose points so you better open your eyes good. There are few pictures in which you should find pieces of a diary and once you find all pieces, you have to construct the diary, placing all the pieces on their right place. Condition to pass to the next level (the next picture) is to complete all the pieces right. there isnt something that can be seen in the diaries so the only task is to get all pieces together and you are done.

    Game Instructions: This game will be interesting for you because it combines two skills. The first thing asks for sharp observational skills, to detect all the pats that are placed all over the picture. They are quite small so you better open your eyes wide. To show that youve found the piece, click on it and it will go on the board that is positioned on the left side of the picture. When you have all the pieces, drag them, again using the mouse, on the silhouette of the diary that is positioned over the board with the pieces. When the diary is over, you get a new picture that should be solved. Do all of these actions as fast as you can and you will earn a lot of points.


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    Play Find my Diary Game

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    Published on: 25.03.2011
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    All comments (5)
    piriakapoppy (10 years ago):
    good game
    wpowell (10 years ago):
    I actually concur, I was expecting another level after the last level.
    wpowell (10 years ago):
    It is just right, a little challenging in finding some parts. But when I finish it, I will look at it and decide if I wished it had more levels.
    misst (11 years ago):
    good game, shame it doesnt have more levels

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