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    Do you want to assess your observation skills? I hope you do, because this is another great hidden object game, where you will have a chance to do that! So, let's see what you will have to search this time!

    Game Walkthrough: Well, it seems that this time you are going to search for numbers! Yes, they are scattered all around the space, so let's do that! Find all the numbers hidden among different things in the space. You should have in mind that all numbers are different in shape and even color, so be careful.some of the stuff in the room actually have the shape of numbers! Yeah, they are very well disguised, so you must have a really sharp eye to be able to see them! Also you have to search the space thoroughly, because some of the numbers are hidden on very unusual places. I hope you have an eye for detail! Some of the numbers are more easily visible, but for the rest of them you really have to gaze like crazy in the game screen! Another thing that is also very important for this game is that it is time limited, so you must find all the numbers in a certain time duration, otherwise you won't be able to finish the level. So you can see all the numbers shown in the square on the right side of the game screen. So as you find one, and you click on it, it will automatically disappear from there, so this way you will know what numbers are still waiting to be found! Well, basically that's it about this game!

    Game Instructions: To play this hidden object game you need to use the magnifier to examine the place. Left mouse button double-click will turn on/off the magnifier. You can use Magnifier button on the right panel instead. Ok, if you are ready, go there and find all the numbers while having lots of fun!!!


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    Published on: 29.03.2011
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