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    The Candy Trap
    Many times people feel attracted by some things that look good but in essence are wicked and may cause them big evil. Most of the times the deepest temptations are wrapped in the nicest paper and beautified with colorful ties, but inside they are empty and worthless.

    Do you know the story about Jacob and Isabella? These two kids were sent by their father to search for a food in the woods. Unfortunately they got lost in the woods, circling without knowing where to continue, when a beautiful house appeared out of nowhere. It was the most amazing house ever, every kids dream a house made of candies! You cant imagine the happiness of the two hungry children. They found something to eat and it was nothing less but numerous candies. They started to eat the candies, and after a while they lose their control, they ate and ate, without any indicator of stopping.

    In one moment on the window of the house showed up nice lady and she invited them to come in her house where she promised to give them even better food. The kids enchanted by the incredible taste, accepted the invite, without having in mind that they shouldnt talk to strangers They couldnt resist the colorful temptation, and yet when they found themselves trapped in the house, they realized that the nice lady was actually an evil witch

    To see whats happening next you need to detect all the differences that appear on every scene. Solving one picture takes you to another picture but also to another chapter of the story, so do your best to find out whats next.

    Game Instructions: This game is like the most spot the difference games. You have two scenes in front of you, actually two versions of one scene, and you should spot the differences between them. When you detect the difference, click on it. If it happens to click a wrong item, you will use points and the same happens if you use a hint, but the hint may help you go out of game over. You have 5 differences in every scene and you lose 25 points for every wrong click or used hint. Apply your observational talents and see whats happening in this tale. Good luck!


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    The Candy Trap

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    Published on: 25.04.2011
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