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    Mystic Magic
    Do you have an eye for detail? Are you able to see things that others don't? Want to check that? Come on! Hidden object games are a great and also fun way to do that! Here is an excellent game for you! So, let's start!

    Game Walkthrough: Here you will have to find all the numbers in the room using the zoom tool i.e. the magnifying glass. The time limit is provided in seconds and it is shown beneath the list of numbers to be found. You should know that for each correct click you'll get 1000 points, but if you click on a wrong spot, the penalty you should pay for this is 10 seconds taken off your time for each level. Apart from finding the hidden numbers, your task is also to collect differently colored gems scattered all over the room and they will bring you some additional points. You should be careful and look around thoroughly, because those numbers are different in size and color and they are also placed on some very unusual places. You should also know that some of the numbers are the same color as the background, maybe in a slightly different hue, so it will be difficult for you to find them, but don't give up! You will see the numbers at the right side of the game screen, so as you click on the numbers in the room, they disappear from there and you will know how much are still there to be found!

    Game Instructions: As in all hidden object games you need only your mouse to play this game! So when you position the mouse cursor at the right spot, just click with the left mouse button and your work is done! Continue with this, until you find all the hidden numbers in the room! Well, have a nice time playing this game!!!


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    Mystic Magic

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    Published on: 16.06.2011
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    bobby1 (3 years ago):
    hey i have not been here for 2 days  and what do i get when i return here spanish ads  boo boo boo
    idahaynes505 (8 years ago):
    Sad  Sad  Sad
    wpowell (9 years ago):
    Anyone having a hard time to loading this game? Update your Internet browser and update your Flash player and then click refresh if you haven't already done so. Cool game!
    sandyp (9 years ago):
    i get into games
    what have i gotta do to get in them just got a big ! in middle of page