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    Hidden Numbers Dora
    Do you know Dora Marquez? Shes an 8 years old girl that has traveled all over the world in order to help or find something. Shes a real adventurist and she always has her faithful friend next to her the cat Boots. But on the other hand she has to deal with all the problems that the fox Swiper constantly creates for her. Dora is such a nice little girl and even doesnt get mad at all the villains (besides Swiper) that come across her path. She is a peaceful explorer.

    So if you want to know her, you can get to. Dora isnt a real person; she is an animated character in the American animated series Dora the Explorer. Check it out!

    Game Walkthrough:We will give you a picture of Dora and her best friend Boots and of course the cunning cat Swiper. There are numbers shattered all over the place and your job is to find them. Dont rely on your logic because they can be placed in the most peculiar places like position that are contrary to the rules of physics. The only thing that will make your task easier is the magnifying glass in your hand. When you spot the number click on it and it will disappear from the picture and from the list below where you have all the numbers you must locate. If you think that you can win this game by clicking all over the place, you are sadly mistaking. Each time you miss a click, you lose points so think twice before you do that.

    Game Instructions:From the technical aspect this game is piece of cake. All you need is the computer mouse. Move the mouse to the number when you see it and press the left button on the mouse. Its not rocket science; you just need patience and good perception skills to become the best player of Hidden Numbers Dora. So give it a try!


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    Hidden Numbers Dora

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    Published on: 19.06.2011
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    ebony22 (10 years ago):
    Anyone knows where the #'s 5, 7 and 17?