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    Hidden Alphabets El Dorado
    Have you ever heard of El Dorado? I bet you have! But what do you know about it? Well, it is the name of a Muisca tribal chief who covered himself with golden dust at the beginning of a ceremony and jumped into a highland lake. This name was later used for the legendary 'Lost City of Gold'! So, this city of gold has intrigued explorers since the days of the Spanish Conquistadors. Many of them have searched for years to find this lost city of gold but unfortunately no trace of this place has been found. Well, not yet! But who knows, maybe one day this city of unimaginable treasury will be finally discovered! Can you imagine this place, with all those gold and treasures? This place, El Dorado happened to be a realm, a kingdom, an empire, and the municipality of this legendary golden king. In his quest of this legend, Francisco Orellana and Gonzalo Pizarro left Quito in 1541 in a notorious and disastrous expedition on the way to the Amazon Basin. So as a result of this adventurous trip Francisco Orellana became the first to steer the Amazon River all the way to its mouth.

    Game Walkthrough:Your task in this game is to find all the letters from the alphabet scattered around the pictures of El Dorado. This is a chance for you to assess out you observation skills and sharpness of sight while searching and finding the alphabet! All letters of the alphabet are hidden somewhere in the pictures from El Dorado! Some of them are easily visible, while others are hidden really craftily so that you need to spend some time to locate them! All letters from the alphabet are shown at the bottom panel of the game screen in black font and once you locate a letter and click on it, its color turns blue, so that you can easily trace which letters still wait there to be found! You should be very careful and try to click only when you have found the letter and position the mouse cursor well, otherwise you will lose points! So don't click unnecessarily and in vain because this will cost you a lot of points less! Try to finish the task as soon as possible, because the time is ticking away!

    Game Instructions:Hidden Alphabets-El Dorado is another point and click type of hidden object game from Games2dress. Yeah, all you need to do is to click with the left mouse button on the letters there and that's it! So come on! Use all your observing skills and find the hidden alphabets which are scattered all around the picture. Take this challenge and spend a nice and fun time while playing it!


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    Hidden Alphabets El Dorado

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    Published on: 05.07.2011
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    ebony22 (9 years ago):
    I liked this game but, it was only one level.

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