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    Holiday Shopping
    Ok, some people say that we are living in completely consuming society, but what we can do when there is always something new to buy?! Every season offers us new fashionable clothes, every bigger market offers us new models of televisions, new refrigerators, new mobile phones, new computers, new gadgets of every kind, not to mention bigger things like cars or something, and many, many other things... And all those things are promising us better life, are promising us an easier way to handle our everyday responsibilities, but also it is so fun to go from one shop to another and review what is offering there... And the pleasure is even bigger if there is some bigger discount in the markets, in this case the shopping fever seems to become even higher and like everyone is 'infected' with it! We have to admit that this is most evident during the holiday's discounts when there are numerous interesting offers and people feel this shopping euphony so they run from one place to another, trying to catch the sale and buy as many things as possible.

    That is actually the plot of our game as well. It takes place in one huge mall where people also like to catch the sale and take advantage as much as they can. 5 interesting levels, with 10 hidden objects in each one of them - sounds like a great fun for your leisure time. Let's feel the holiday shopping fever together!


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    Holiday Shopping

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    Published on: 03.01.2014
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    BluAngel (1 year ago):

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