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    Sophias Healthy Recipes 2
    Hey, do you remember Sophia? You probably remember her by her wonderful smile but also for her talents. She is one very skillful cooker that makes her meals perfect, but she insists on makings really healthy recipes. Some people think that healthy foods are not tasty because they usually don't include mayonnaise, ketchup, yellow cheese or something like that, but the taste could be achieved with a lot of healthy ingredients, including interesting spices. Sophia had one book with recipes before and in this game, that is a second part of the cooking games with Sophia, she will entertain you with the second book that is even better than the first one.

    This part of the game is based on the same principle as the first one. That means that at the beginning of the game you get a recipe for some interesting and tasty, but also a health meal. Your task in the game is to find the wanted ingredients for making the recipe. The game includes 6 levels and in each level there are 10 ingredients that need to be found. Try to find all of them, and you move into the next level, and finally end up the whole game.


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    Sophias Healthy Recipes 2

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    Published on: 09.01.2014
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