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    Call for Help
    Truck drivers have to be really responsible persons. Driving by its self perhaps is something that everyone does but selecting driving as a profession is lot more serious than regular driving. In both cases you should manage the vehicle with clear conscious and be careful about the traffic rules just that the destinations that professional drivers drive are far longer than the ones that we drive on daily basis. Sometimes that includes driving whole night without having a sleep, or even longer, and then resting for few days, and after that another destination, long more than 1000 kilometers sometimes... and so on...

    Aside from this, being a professional truck driver could be also very risky job. The following game includes one really good truck driver that has to deliver goods in one mountain region. He has been driving through this type of road for many times and he hasn't even supposed that there is a chance that he could get stuck while driving, but that's just what happened. A huge mountain and a lot of snow, while the small truck can't move a bit. Our driver has to look for some help if he doesn't like to freeze there, so he starts walking around. He gets to one small mountain house, he enters there and he founds amateur radio station and he tries to contact someone that could help him escape the situation.


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    Call for Help

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
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    Published on: 17.01.2014
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