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    A Strange Dream
    Dreams... We all dream, some of us a lot, some less, some daydream all the time... Daydreams could be controlled but dreaming while sleeping is something that is more related to our subconscious and we can't control it, perhaps except when we are thinking about something all the time and that same thing comes in our dreams as well but still that is not some control... On other hand there are dreams that actually predict something that will happen in the future. Who knows if we could name people that have this kind of dreams as psychics, or explain it as a result of some logical happenings that have previously happened, it is as it is...

    So the following game is about a classical retelling of one strange dream. The girl retells her dream that starts with the street where she lives. At the end of the street there is a tunnel, she enters into the tunnel and finds herself in front of a port. She takes a boat and starts floating with it, getting to one old abandoned house by the river...

    Let's explore those places and see what is this dream actually telling us.


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    A Strange Dream

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 217,241
    Published on: 20.01.2014
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