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    Brave Kitten
    Once upon a time there lived a family of cats. Harry was the youngest but also the smartest kitty in the family. He even wore a glasses and he didnt like to play with his brothers and sisters because he liked to sleep more. And everything was peaceful in those surroundings till the day when nine angry wolves appeared. They stepped into the kittens house and decided they want to stay there where it was warm.

    All the kittens were so afraid and they all hide themselves under cupboards. They needed to do something so their mother sent Harry to deliver a letter to the old dog who lived in the suburbs; he was the only person that could help them. The journey of finding the dog was pretty long. Harry passed the forest and he went into the city to find their savior. He faced great fear on his way but the mission had to be accomplished because his family is in danger. He met dangerous neighborhoods, cars with big wheels, drunk people, but he stayed still and went on with his journey

    And that was enough about this story. If you like to see what happens next start this amazing game. Brave Kitten is a type of spot the difference game. You have few levels and in every level you need to find 6 differences. You are doing your detective work, and you read a beautiful story at the same time. Also there are golden peas scattered all over the pictures in this game, so try to spot them also. You lose points if you make a random guest and you miss some of the differences.The game could be played in three different modes: easy, casual and challenging.

    Game instructions: You play this game with the mouse. When you see that something is different make left mouse click to spot the difference. Good luck!


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    Brave Kitten

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    Published on: 17.07.2011
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