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    Archived Photos
    When you enter into a museum, usually it is not allowed to take pictures because the flash could possibly damage the painting for example, or the stuff from the museum doesn't like everyone to know what is in that museum. Lord Richard Carson lived in one house that nowadays is of historical significance, which means that it could be somehow taken as a museum. This house has been photographed only once, back in 1935, and after that he didn't permit anyone to take pictures of the house. Maybe he was afraid from the local thieves, so he didn't want no one to know what is he having in the house, or some people say that he was afraid that the house and the objects there could be damaged by that… Today a local detective decides to go and look after the archived photos of that house, to see if he could find something interesting and valuable in them. You will also take part in this detective quest, exploring the pictures.

    In this game it is very interesting that the pictures are black and white, while the objects appear in color, which means that it could be little bit tricky to find them, but that will actually give you some extra challenge to seek even further. Each level includes 10 objects that need to be found and only by finding all of them, you could move into the next level.


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    Archived Photos

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    Published on: 24.01.2014
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