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    Disney Magical Movie Scenes
    We are pretty sure that if we ask you who your favorite cartoon character is, you would say: The Disney characters of course! No matter how old you are, Disney characters were part from everyones childhood and they continued to stay in his memory as a beautiful remembering of some beautiful times. Do you remember 101 Dalmatians or maybe Ariel? Think of Anastasia and Griselda, or the evil Scar. All these characters are so good described; it doesnt matter at all if its a positive or negative character. They all have their unique stories, transmitted from generation to generation, making many children happy.

    And now we guess that you felt certain nostalgia for these times and a wish to see all this characters again. If its like that, weve accomplished our mission, but also we are giving you a respond for your state, the response is called Disney Magical Movie Scenes.

    Its about a wonderful game. You will be able to pass many adorable Disney movie scenes, while you detect differences between the pictures. All the pictures are carefully selected so you could enjoy analyzing them and remembering the cartoon. Try to focus well because its everything in the details, and the differences are hidden well.To pass each level and see the next picture, you must find 10 differences in the previous one. You have 60 seconds on demand so you must act fast, in order to accomplish the level. You see the differences in the right picture, but be careful not to make a mistake because in that case you lose a life and you have 6 lives on demand.

    Game instructions: You play this game with your mouse. Within a time of 60 seconds, detect and click all the differences that you could see between the two pictures. Have fun and enjoy the company of the Disney characters!


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    Disney Magical Movie Scenes

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    Published on: 21.07.2011
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