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    Real Estate Agent
    This is definitely one interesting profession. People need places to live, houses, apartments and so on, and someone needs to provide them those places and of course, to sell them. The person that works this job needs to like apartments and things related to them since they have a role in the process of decorating those places so they would become more attractive for the costumers.

    The architects do this job too but also the real estate agents always try to do something that will come across the needs of the costumer since they are meeting every day numerous people and they could recognize their tastes, including their needs. By giving them what their want, the chances of selling certain place become bigger and bigger. Besides this, the power of persuasion and negotiation skills are another important part of this job and things that the real estate agent should definitely posses, in order to perform his job good.

    This game is related exactly to this profession. Our agent is offering for sale one of the houses he is in charge of, and he needs to convince the costumers that the house is very nice and really answers to their needs. That's why he is taking them from one room to another, showing the every aspect of the house. Actually each room of the house is a different level of the game that needs to be explored, to find the objects that are hiding there.


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    Real Estate Agent

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    Published on: 18.02.2014
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    19racerlady (2 years ago):
    Good challenge..thanks, guys..

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