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    My Secret World
    Perhaps each of us dreams about having a place where he could run away and hide from the everyday responsibilities. That kind of a place could be quiet place where no one could find us, or a place that we could turn it into quiet by turning off our mobile devices and all kinds of gadgets that relate us with the reality. Some people manage to turn their own room into that kind of a place by closing the doors that relate them with the world, staying with their own thoughts, listening to their favorite music and surrendering to their own world, their secret world.

    The character from the next game has his own place for that purpose. Well he is one of the lucky ones that were born in a village that is so nice and so quiet. When he feels that he likes to have some peace and quiet, he returns to his birthplace, not that he is so sentimental but the place gives him everything that he needs – a perfect getaway from the reality, his wonderful secret world. You will also visit this amazing secret world while searching for some hidden objects in the given pictures.

    Each picture from the place is a different level and in order to pass it, you need to find all items that are hidden there. Only by finding them all you could move into another level and see another part of the amazing village, and finally get to the last level and finish the game. Enjoy this amazing secret world as it is yours!


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    My Secret World

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    Published on: 21.02.2014
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    You have too many Adobe Flash

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