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    ChildHood Apartment
    Childhood is the most beautiful period of life for many people. Almost everyone remembers that unbearable lightness of being in those years when everything seem possible and we had the whole strength in the world to do things, to change things or create things. That is the feeling that follows the whole childhood, just before the real adult's challenges begin, but the issues that follow the childhood are strong, maybe even stronger than the 'real' life. In that spirit, or in order to revoke that spirit of easiness, people love to visit places that remind them of childhood, or to recall some memories that happen years ago. It could be returning to the birth place, visiting the old school, maybe the neighborhood where the person grew up, or the old tree house…

    In the following game it is about an old abandoned apartment. After few years our character returns to this place, wanting to revive for a little the childhood days spent in this apartment. Strange but not so strange – the rooms look exactly same. Here are the old pieces of furniture in each room, few toys, and many items that bring him back the memories of one incredible time that has passed and would never come back again.

    Each level of the game is a different space of the apartment. You could also take part in this sweet nostalgic story by looking for the items that are given on the list, under the main picture. Find all of them and go through the whole story.


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    ChildHood Apartment

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    Published on: 03.03.2014
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