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    Trapped in a Hotel
    Old abandoned hotel, far from civilization, hidden so good, that no one could find it easily. And every time you thought that something terrible could be happening in a place of this kind, know that the chances that it was actually true were quite big... as in this particular case.

    In the hotel there is actually a girl, a kidnapped girl that is doing her best to find her way out. Yes, there obviously are bad people in this world and they kidnapped her and brought her here. This girl is wanted for a certain period of time, her relatives, friends and the police lost her trace many days ago, without a clue that she could be in that hotel.

    At the moment this poor girl is alone in the hotel, and she is desperately looking for a way out. She knows that the kidnappers won't be out for long so she has to do all that she could in order to get out of here and go back home. Help the girl go out by collecting all the hidden objects in the game. Every level gives you 10 challenges and with finding all of them, you could move into the next level.


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    Trapped in a Hotel

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    Genres: Scary | Mystery
    Played: 173,653
    Published on: 04.03.2014
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    Karol (6 years ago):
    game wont load

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