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    The Golden Cave
    There isn't someone that could tell for sure but there are numerous rumors that say many things about the mysterious Golden Cave. As the name of this place says, it is about a cave full of gold and various precious jewels but it is more a myth than truth. Another thing that makes this place a mystery is the fact that it is located on a quite obscure place, hidden deep in a mountain region where is in truth hard to get, especially for amateurs or people with a lot of equipment...

    However, the two characters in our game are quite big adventurers and people who are prepared to push their limits as far as they can, so they have decided to go on this uncertain mission - to find the place and finally see what is hiding there. They are quite prepared since they have passed a lot of time climbing mountains and camping so they are quite sure that this is the right mission for them.

    They start their journey by going through the mountains but they have to sleep there for one night and then continue their journey. In the morning the two adventurers continue the hike and they get to the cave and it seems as the rumors are true – there is really a lot of gold there, and who knows what else! Let's dig a little bit together and find what is hiding between rocks.


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    The Golden Cave

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    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 188,323
    Published on: 07.03.2014
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    BarbHK (4 years ago):
    Liked that game.
    Mimma (5 years ago):
    Thank you for this game

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