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    The Pharaohs Treasure Chamber
    The time of ancient Egypt is a period full of mysteries. Some things are explained how they worked but also there are many things that stay unclear, even if we have so developed technology. The hidden treasure of the pharaoh is only one of the numerous mysteries that have been a great challenge of the mystery hunters. They want to discover what is hiding behind the numerous stories about that treasure. Our character in this game, the young adventurist named Helen, is one of those mystery hunters. She takes a trip to the pyramid in Giza, wishing to discover the secret room of the pharaoh, the place where he has kept his great treasure. She has found some very old maps that are so hard to be decrypted, but she has a strong will and she has determinate that she has to do that. Those maps include some secret passages that are unknown for the broad public so she hopes that they will lead her to something new and important. Help Helen in her mission by collecting clues that will lead her to the treasure chamber. Each level includes a list of objects that need to be found in order to move further in the game so make sure that you accomplish that and finish the whole game. Have fun!


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    The Pharaohs Treasure Chamber

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 520,984
    Published on: 15.03.2014
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    jackfrost (2 years ago):
    Titaaa (5 years ago):
    Didnt download.
    Titaaa (5 years ago):
    Couldnt play, the objects wouldnt react to the clicks.

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