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    Cruise to Bahamas
    In case that you didn't know, The Bahamas is an English speaking independent nation comprised entirely of islands.  This unique aquatic nation is consisted of over 700 islands and 2000 cays sprinkled across the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Sail, surf, kayak, fish, swim, snorkel, dive, those are the activities that could be done here and attract each year numerous people from all around the world. Those places also attracted pirates in the past since the caves made perfect hiding places for pirate treasure...

    The action of our today's game takes place in one luxury yacht. Two couples have decided to spend their holidays on the Bahamas, attracted from the beauties of this wonderful place. They are planning to cruise with the yacht the following week, since they are completely bored from having monotonous holidays that look always same. This time they are sure that the islands offer something completely new and unique, and the fact that they are cruising, makes the whole holiday even more amazing and more adventurous. They will be able to see the place from its most beautiful sight, reaching any island they want.

    We can't say if that were the pirates, but there are hidden objects hidden in every scene of the game. By finding all of them in a level, you could move into the next level and the next, and see what is hiding there.


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    Cruise to Bahamas

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    Genres: ForFun | Adventure
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    Published on: 28.03.2014
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    Mimma (3 years ago):
    Excellent cvoce of music. I have a good time with this game. Thank you very much
    jcadavis (5 years ago):
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