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    The Mysterious Lighthouse Man
    There are many movies about some mysterious lighthouses that often hides big secret. Usually something strange happens around that place and the mysterious man that enters in the lighthouse usually knows the answer of some question that has been bothering the locals for a longer period...

    Well perhaps Carol has been watching those movies since she is so obsessed by the man in the lighthouse or maybe she really sensed something... Carol's grandmother lives in one small seaside village so Carol spent most of her childhood there. In the village there is a Lighthouse that has been there since forever, if you ask Carol, and Carol, from the time when she was very young, was interested in this place, including the mysterious man that often enters into the Lighthouse. She has been wondering who is this man and what is he doing there, what is the story about him? Some people may say that it is about an ordinary man, just like all others, but for Carol there was some great mystery related to him...

    One day Carol decides to encourage herself and search about the mystery around that man. She will face the unknown and learn something more about that man, no matter what! Carol heads toward the Lighthouse...


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    The Mysterious Lighthouse Man

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    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 113,578
    Published on: 17.04.2014
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    psleeprice (7 years ago):
    How can I start these games.  Mouse, space bar or 'enter' do not work.


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