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    The Neighbours Dog
    Life in the suburbs could be very nice and calm - beautiful houses, good neighbors, a lot of friendships and so on. In the following game we will visit a suburb just of that kind. The houses in this small suburb are arranged in one street where the houses are enclosed with fences instead on each house. In one of those houses there is one small and sweet dog that is a real favorite for all neighbors.

    All of them love this dog and they let him enter into their yards and play, they also give him some food and of course, a lot of love. But however, no one could be perfect, including this dog. Aside from his wonderful appearance and the sociability, he knows to leave a real mess everywhere he goes. Same goes for the neighbors' yards. He plays for a certain time but he plays with everything that's in the yard like tools, flowers, old shoes, chairs, everything that he'll get so imagine how do the yards look after he has passed from there.

    That opens a lot of work for the neighbors but they enjoy his companion so much that they don't like to chase him away. Now is one of those moments when the yards are in a real mess so they have to start fixing thing up, to bring it up to the previous order.


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    The Neighbours Dog

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    Published on: 22.04.2014
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