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    Meet My Valentine
    Love, love, loveat Valentines Day is everything is about love! That isthe day when love affection between intimate companions is traditionally celebrated each year,of February the 14th. On this day lovers express their love for each other by giving presents,mostly flowers and greeting card, but also doves, vine, Cupid figures, and other kinds of sweetpresents, mostly in red and pink color, with a shape of a hart This day is a chance a hiddenlove to be shown, but also existing love to be celebrated.

    And, we must admit that girls appreciate this celebration the most. Woe to you if you are a guythat has forgotten to buy even the smallest cute present for his girl, or doesnt plan to spendthe Valentines night with his beloved, there is a great fight on sight

    This lovely spot the difference game treats exactly this happening. There is a girl braveenough to make the first step, sending a greeting card to her Valentine. He goes to the agreedplace with butterflies flying in his stomach and beautiful flowers in his hands, but somethingunplanned happens. One naughty dog appears on his way, and ups, the flowers are gone!Here is the cute girl, here is the boy with empty hands, and here is the misunderstanding!

    If you like to see what happens next, you must pass the first levels, finding all the differences.There are two similar pictures with this story in each level and, and you should find 5differences on each. You could choose to play with or without a hint.

    The characters in this game are so sweet, and all the objects are drawn very cute andinteresting, with many fresh colors, so its a real pleasure to search them.

    Game instructions: You play with your mouse, everything you should do, is to click on the difference that you detect. Try to be really fast, to earn more points and to get the end of the story. Enjoy and let the love rule!


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    Meet My Valentine

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    Genres: Romance | ForFun
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    Published on: 11.08.2011
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