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    Wild Mirror
    When we talk about hidden object games that doesnt mean that itsalways about finding objects that are hidden in the given picture. Spot the difference type ofgames is one of the variations of these games that is also very, very interesting and demanding.

    The point of these games is to detect all the differences between two pictures. Actually theyare two versions of the same picture, shown side by side, and the task for the player is to findwhat is different. Usually the original is on the left side and the differences are on the right sideof the screen.

    Wild Mirror is a game that is based exactly on this principle. The mirror is wild because thepictures are identical at first sight, as a reflection in a mirror, but if you see better, there are 10differences between them. For these pictures you cant say precisely which one is the originalbecause something that exists on the picture left, does not exist on the right side and viceversa.

    This game is a wonderful opportunity to test you detective skills. If you were wondering if youwould be good at finding missing persons, or solving other types of criminal cases, this is thefirst step that will determine you. You cant imagine being a detective without having the sensefor chasing traces! Wild Mirror is not just a fun game, but its more than that because it willhelp you develop and hone your observation skills. With time you will be able to detect thedifferences very fast, since your eyes become trained for detecting details.

    Game instructions: As weve mentioned, there are two pictures that vary between each otherwith 10 differences. When you detect what is different, you click the detail and red circle drawsaround that area. At the bottom of the game you can see how many differences have youfound, and how many points do you have. Be careful not to click on wrong place because inthat case you lose points. And now its time for play, sharp your eyes, and enjoy!


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    Wild Mirror

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    Published on: 12.08.2011
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