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    The In-Between World
    No, Mr. Brad wasn't drank when he came back home last night, in his apartment on 54th street; he was just tired and he went to bed right away, just after he came back from work. There was so much job to do at the office so he didn't manage to take any rest during the day. He left the office quite late and the next stop was his bed, felling a sleep right away without noticing anything around him but he was quite sure that he came back to his apartment...

    Well something strange is happening to Mr. Brad at this moment. He woke up in the morning but he couldn't recognize the apartment where he was or the street where he lives! Everything was completely different and somehow mysterious and he is now locked in that strange apartment! Since he is quite sure that he didn't leave the apartment on 54th street, he feels like he has transferred into some in-between world, something like a parallel space, a parallel universe that exists besides the universe that we know, or we think that we know... And there is no key to get out of this place, Mr. Brad starts to feel sick from everything around him, he is all in wondering...

    He is looking for a key to get out but there is no such a key. There is not a key on the place where he left it yesterday but actually that place does not exist! Now Mr. Brad starts to feel a terrible headache! Could you please help this man get out of this in-between world before he get completely confused?


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    The In-Between World

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    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 96,375
    Published on: 18.05.2014
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