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    The Book of Secrets
    The famous Darwin's theory of evolution states that all species of organisms arise and develop because of the natural selection of little, inherited variations that boost the individual's capability to compete, survive, and reproduce. Additionally to that, Darwin explains that the human actually originates from ape, and long years of work have turned him into human. This is how the origin of man is explained by many scientists and this theory is 'live' for many years even though there are many scientists as well that go for some other explanations.

    It is believed that in one small library in Central America there is a book that includes a lot of statements for the occurrence of human, possibly including hard evidences that prove that Darwin was not right about his theory of evolution. This book was hidden in that library and no one knew that it actually exists until today when a group of scientists has come to this place. Once they heard about the book, they went to that place right away since they are in that group of scientists that oppose the claim that man originates from ape.

    Now this group is exploring in the library, searching every corner and looking for the book. Their excitement is so big because they believe that they are up to something huge and very important for the humankind, something they believed in, but they didn't have enough evidences to prove it before.


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    The Book of Secrets

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    Genres: Adventure | Mystery
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    Published on: 27.05.2014
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