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    The Secret Note
    Big criminals plan their acts a longer time, thinking carefully about every move that will take and about every possible consequence that could appear from their act, especially if they are planning to do something big. As you have probably seen in the movies, planning a bank robbery is a really complicated operation that is planned for weeks, sometimes even months and years because it is about one single act that could bring a huge amount of money and if that is not provided on the right way, it could bring many years in jail...

    In one luxury apartment, situated on one exotic beach, there is a left note with information about a planned robbery of the central bank. The thing is that this note is hidden somewhere in the apartment and detective Patrick is in the apartment at this moment, looking for the note. He likes to find out when the robbery is planned, so he could inform the police about it. Having that note and knowing the planned time for the robbery could help the police catch the criminals on the place, when they are doing their act.


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    The Secret Note

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    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 96,429
    Published on: 02.06.2014
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