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    House of Evil
    This holiday wasn't so pleasant for young Miss Caren... She thought that she was having good time there, since she visited beautiful places with numerous monuments that could be seen but all the time she was feeling quite strange, like someone is watching her, like someone is always behind her...

    When the holiday was over, Caren came back home but she could not be aware that she actually wasn't alone this time. Believe it or not, there was an evil spirit following her during the whole trip and now this evil spirit is inhabited in her home, causing quite a fear. Because of this ghost, Caren's house is turned into a house of evil and numerous strange things are happening. Once Caren realized what it is about, she decided that she has to get rid of the ghost, immediately!

    Looking for some kind of a solution for this strange situation, Caren has decided to find all the objects that has she has brought from the trip and destroy them all. She believes that if she manages to destroy everything that she has brought from the holiday, there won't be any trace from the spirit and those troubles will finally end up. You could also help Caren look for the objects that might be a cause for the evil that has inhabited her house.


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    House of Evil

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    Genres: Scary
    Played: 304,487
    Published on: 23.06.2014
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