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    Chasing the Fugitive
    When it comes about criminals, the police always try to do everything in order to find the people that are responsible for certain crime, engage the whole environment to work for them until they face and catch the bad guys. On the other hand, there are always people that are not the police but like to provide justice or at least like to help in providing justice so they are willing to cooperate with the authorities and give all information they have to solve the case.

    One famous criminal escapes from the prison where he is jailed for his criminal acts. It is about a very dangerous man that has done many terrible things so the police do everything to catch him before he commits one more crime, including announcing a chase. They announce the profile of this criminal in public so everyone that has seen him could report him in the station. After certain period, one owner of a small hotel gives a report to the police that the fugitive has just arrived at the reception of his motel.

    Since the police is quite effective, they arrive at the place right away so the chase starts. They know that they are on the right place but the next trouble is that this man is quite skilled criminal so he may find another way to escape, as many times before... Let's help the police provide justice and catch the dangerous fugitive!


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    Chasing the Fugitive

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 26.06.2014
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