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    The Antique Watch
    Mr. Ryan is really passionate antiques collector. He is one of those guys that are always looking for 'new' old objects that could become part of his ample collection and he 'takes' his passion wherever he goes, on every trip, on every vacation, on every unplanned visit of a certain place...

    This passion, or we may even say obsession, is quite strange for most of the people around him. They simply can't understand why someone would like to possess so much old objects that are completely out of fashion, forgetting that those objects are many times more valuable and with higher quality, since they have pass the test of the time, than some temporarily fashionable things that last only for a season or two.

    Today, when Mr. Ryan was strolling all around the city, checking out some antique shops, he saw one old but very beautiful and very well preserved watch. It was a very nice piece of antique so he didn't spend a lot of time thinking if he should buy this watch. He bought the watch but after he got into his home, he realized that the watch is not in his pocket. It is quite sure that he has lost the watch on his way home so he has to go back right away and look for the watch. As we said before, it is about a very precious watch so it would be great if you help Mr. Ryan find it. Check out the streets in details and make sure that the watch comes back to its owner.


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    The Antique Watch

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    Genres: ForFun | Mystery
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    Published on: 01.07.2014
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    mkdoubek1 (5 years ago):
    another that won't load. I'll go to another site.

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