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    Poisonous Champagne
    Party like party, usually is everything great! People go there to have fun, hanging around with friends, drinking, eating something interesting and chatting with friends, maybe dancing.

    Usually there is some interesting occasion for the party, like birthday or anniversary, maybe someone's graduation, or promotion, everyone is relaxed in non-formal atmosphere... But sometimes something unpleasant could happen like in this case. On the private party included in this game, there was a mass poisoning of the guests. It may sound strange because usually there is a person that checks the quality of the drinks and the foods but who knows what has happened this time, maybe it was on purpose...

    However, the police was called and at the moment they start providing an investigation to discover who is responsible for this mass poisoning, what it is about the food and the drinks that caused this reaction. You could also take part in this investigation and search for some evidences that will answer the question about this strange incident.


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    Poisonous Champagne

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    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 13.07.2014
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    jackfrost (8 months ago):

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