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    Attic Treasure
    Well, we have to admit; most of us have some place in the house or near that house that serves as a depot for unnecessary things and many of us fill that place with everything, often without taking care of any kind of selection. Numerous old objects, even some new ones that are completely without a purpose, spread around that place and if we try to clean up that place, who knows what will we find!

    On the other hand, this family included in the game lives in one house for 20 years and they have an attic in the house but they never went there all these years. They don't want to store anything so they throw away all unnecessary things but this time they have decided to visit the attic and see what could be done with it. They know that there are many things there, most of them from the previous owners of the house but they have decided to throw away the old furniture and prepare that place for living.

    They need an extra room so the attic will be a great solution. But, something amazing appeared there, under all that old stuff. This family will realize that so many years they have been living with a great fortune over their heads! They found hidden golden objects, some jewelry and diamonds! It is time to provide a bigger search and see what is there for sure.


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    Attic Treasure

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    Genres: Adventure | Mystery
    Played: 134,334
    Published on: 14.07.2014
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