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    The Village Secrets
    The last works of the great artists are always mystery. Usually it can't be said which was the past piece because when the artists is already dead, no one could explain what is the order to doing those works that have never been published to the public. On the other hand, sometimes it happens those works to be left somewhere in the house of the artists, perhaps in his attic, and those works stay there for many, many years until someone finds them and after so many years, it can't be for sure who is the author of that works, no matter if it's about a book, a painting or a piece of music. It was like that with Johann Sebastian Bach for example whose last work was found many years after his death and there was doubt for a long time if that piece was his or it belonged to his son who was also a musician.

    This small village included into our today's game hides a precious secret as well. Very famous world-class writer was working in this village and his best-sellers are written exactly here, in one of the houses in the village. However, his last book has never been published and actually no one saw this book, but it was sure that he was working on something, that was his agreement with the publishers. There are rumors that the book could be hidden somewhere in this house so it is time to solve the mystery about this book and check out if it is really there.


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    The Village Secrets

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    Genres: ForFun | Adventure
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    Published on: 22.07.2014
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