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    Portal of Dreams
    Wow, this is very difficult. We don't like to believe in theories of conspiracy and support the fact that someone may manipulate with us, making us believe in truth that actually isn't real but this time it is about a really strange case! In one old abandoned mine a mysterious scientist has made his home or let's say his lab. It is about a genius mind but he has decided to direct his brain and power into wrong direction. This man has created incredible portal that he is using to enter into people's mind. He has been experimenting about this subject for a longer time and it was a real challenge for him to learn how to read people's thoughts but also to control their acts and behavior so once he has managed that, his pleasure was huge! But no matter how big his work is, this mad scientist is not doing a human act. It can't be expected that he will use this portal only for good things and how would people feel when they realize that someone has been controlling their mind?! The police and the detectives, aware of that, are on their way to find out the exact location of the scientist's lab and after a while they manage to find it and try to stop this dangerous experiment.


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    Portal of Dreams

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    Genres: Adventure | Mystery
    Played: 158,230
    Published on: 27.07.2014
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    BluAngel (3 years ago):
    Played 6-2017

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