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    Guess the Animal 2
    You can't say that our games are predictable because we always like to keep your attention bysomething new and interesting. That's why the stories are always fresh and really captivating but also once in a while there are games that offer you little bit different kind of playing. Since you are on this site for hidden object games, you know what you like, but adding little spice to the things is always welcomed.

    Do you remember the game ‘Guess The Animal'? Well today we have the second part of that game. This time is not about a typical hidden object game but about a game that includes interesting quiz to the regular searching for the objects.

    At the beginning of the game everything looks same as all other hidden object games. On the screen you get a picture that includes animal and you look for the objects that are given on the list. Once you are done with the hidden objects, there is still one task that needs to be done – answering a question. That question is usually about the animal that was included in the level and if you can't answer the question, you go back to the same level and you play it again. The level can be passed only by answering the question.


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    Guess the Animal 2

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    Genres: ForFun | Pets
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    Published on: 07.08.2014
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    jackfrost (9 months ago):

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