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    The Forest Town
    Aokigahara also known as or Sea of Trees is a forest of 35-square-kilometre that lies at the northwest base of Mountain Fuji in Japan. It is about a forest that includes many rocky, icy caverns, a few of which are famous tourist destinations. Because of the wind-blocking density of the trees and since there isn't almost any wildlife, the forest is known for being unusually quiet. That’s why people who are seeking for peace and relaxation often spend their time there.

    Caren is young adventurist that likes to spend her free time always visiting some new places. She has visited a lot, much more than most of us, always going from one to other part of the world. This time she has searched a lot for a new exotic place to visit and she has realized that she hasn't seen much of the Asian continent. Those places are really interesting but she has been there yet. She chooses exactly this forest - Aokigahara, to be her next stop. While searching about the place she has find out that deep in the forest there is one small town when people are eternal!

    Ok, not that eternal, but they live longest than any other place in the world. Caren would like to find out what is the secret of those people, maybe the environment where they live, maybe their way of life… She is on her way to find out and if we follow her on this quest, we might find out something as well.


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    The Forest Town

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
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    Published on: 25.08.2014
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    Mimma (5 years ago):
    Thank you for this game

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