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    Unexpected Movement
    John has been running his tavern for many years. It is his job but he feels like he is at home when he is there and all those people that come there often are like his family. He has been running this place for 20 years so those feelings are reasonable and he is willing to continue this work for many, many years but sometimes unexpected things happen, like this that happen to him... John's tavern is located in one house and the owner of that house has decided to make some changes so one day John receives a call.

    The owner of the house has actually decided to raise the rent for the house, so now this rent is so high that John simply can't afford it. He thought about some solution but he could not find some way out from the situation except moving out from the place because so high rent is something that he really can't afford. This news was something that almost brought John to tears but he doesn't have time to do anything else except to leave the house within 24 hours, that is the condition given from the owner of the house.

    Now John needs your help, to move out all the furniture from the tavern as fast as he can and possibly find another location for his business.


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    Unexpected Movement

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    Genres: ForFun
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    Published on: 13.09.2014
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    19racerlady (9 months ago):
    This is a great game...thanks guys..would like more with this format.
    jackfrost (2 years ago):
    patches48 (4 years ago):
    yes i would like that myself
    jasonsharley (6 years ago):
    is there anywhere to join the site and play the games longer ???? thanks in advance .

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