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    Hidden Numbers Shopping Mall
    A shopping mall, shopping centre or simply mall, is one or more buildings forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers, with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to easily walk from one unit to another, along with a parking area a modern, indoor version of the traditional marketplace. According to me, the best part of these modern market places is that they are closed, which means that you can go shopping even when the weather outside is horrible. Also, most of them have game rooms, cinemas, all sorts of entertainment, which means that when your parents drag you there, you can still have fun and not go to stores with them.

    Game walkthrough: So, here is another thing you can do while in the mall. You will need to find the numbers, which are hidden all over the shopping mall, in 5 minutes. Every correct hit will give you 100 points, while for each wrong one you will be shorter for 100 points. So you will need to be careful and to make sure that something is the item you are looking for before clicking on it. And you will need to find all the numbers in 5 minutes, or else you will need to start all over again. You will get no hints in this game, but you will have the help of your mouse cursor, which is a magnifying glass, and this will help you better spot the hidden numbers.

    Game instructions: So, as I already told you, your mouse is a magnifying glass, so use it and go over the game screen in order to spot the numbers. Once you see a number and you are sure it is what you are looking for, click on it with your left mouse button and it will disappear from the screen. On the bottom of your game screen you will see the list of numbers you need to find, and each time you find a number, it will disappear from the list, so that you know how many more you have got left to find. This is about it when it comes to the instructions, so now it is all up to you, try and find all the numbers and discover what awaits you when you do!


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    Hidden Numbers Shopping Mall

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    Published on: 31.08.2011
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    Rattiesox (5 years ago):
    tedious and there are two  of several numbers

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